Cloud Computing Benefits

  1. Lower information technology (IT) support costs. Less internal IT resources are required and the hosted backend IT is managed by the software as a service (SaaS) providers' professionals rather than your internal resources.
  2. Increased efficiency. Once set up, these systems are very easy to deploy to new users which allows businesses to scale very quickly at minimal incremental cost.
  3. Platform neutrality - all you need is a web browser and broadband internet connection to function. Operate Cloud applications on Windows, Mac, desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  4. Easily connect remote users - users can easily connect remotely from any location whether it be office, home, customer site, or the beach.
  5. Increased user collaboration with multiple two-way integrated applications, integrated workflow, and synchronized data among applications.
  6. Stay more current with technology with easier software upgrades - rather than time consuming client-server upgrade planning and implementation projects, upgrades occur on the providers' side to your data. These upgrades are typically included in the standard maintenance plans. This allows your company to take advantage of the latest technologies without "rebuilding the wheel."
  7. Online remote backup - this service is typically included with SaaS providers and often is expensive or routinely not fully exercised by many small businesses which leaves them exposed to an unnecessary data loss risk.

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